Last week I had outlined this lovely post about Captain America: Civil War but held off on polishing it up till this week. I wanted to hit my local shop on Wednesday to pick up Black Panther’s 2nd issue (cop it fam!) just in case something Mr. Coates wrote had relevance to my own take on T’Challa. Since I rarely carry cash, I was browsing for a trade* to reach that critical $10 credit card minimum. CHEW Vol. 11: The Last Suppers was my top choice. It’s the second to last trade paperback for the series, which follows FDA Detective Tony Chu as he uses his unique gifts as a cibopath (able to generate psychic impressions of the entire life of whatever he eats) to investigate crime through some great procedural work and the occasional nibble on a perp or victim. When it finishes CHEW will be the first full run that I have ever collected, and my heart aches to see it ending.

Rob Guillory & John Layman at last year’s Boston Comic Con CHEW panel, moderated by Clay N. Ferno of the League of Ordinary Gentlemen Comics Podcast

Not only is it witty, well-drawn, and full of please-explain-this-because-what twists, it centers around a non-stereotypical Asian lead. And I am not reading into this folks. There are notes on original art from early issues that say “non-stereotypical Asian”. What does that translate to? A character that is trusted to lead his partners (both white and black), gets the girl, and is shown as a crime-fighting badass without resorting to panels of him doing karate or intensive lab work. I’m sure the upcoming animated adaptation featuring the voices of nerd all-stars Steven Yeun, Felicia Day, & David Tennant will be some kind of wonderful.

But that’s not the only reason I switched focus this week. Continue reading “I Like What I See in the Invisible Minority”