What a weird day to start blogging about blerds, games, fantasy, and comics. I’ve been putting off this first post for weeks (fine, a year if you’re counting from when I got this domain) but the perfect alignment of PAX East with the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere has created a nerd culture deadline. I was going to find a way to sidestep this again, but an interpretation of what the Purple One meant for blerds gave me what I needed to go public today. Join me as I explain:

This morning I had a handwritten intro piece sitting in my notebook. It just needed to be typed up and sprinkled with pictures and links before taking this blog live. Energized, I jumped between editing passages, grabbing some of my favorite nerd pics, and finalizing tomorrow’s schedule in the PAX mobile app. It was a pretty good start for a Thursday.  Continue reading “A hello, and a goodbye”