Hey guys, I’ll be back in 2 weeks but please give a warm welcome to my mother, Lois K. Adams! She was kind enough to pen this write-up of what this latest movie looked like through the eyes of an OG Star Trek fan after we went to a Trek-tastic Boston Comic Con. In addition to being a great blerd mom, she is the Pastor at First Baptist Church in Sharon Massachusetts. In her spare time (<– just kidding, she has none) she enjoys hanging out on the Vineyard, engaging with her fellow Delta Sigma Theta sorors, and watching my beautiful niece who is sure to grow into a fine young Uhura¬†woman. ¬†*I was responsible for this intro, images, and captions*

Captain’s Log – Stardate: 2016.232

From its first airdate, I have held this series very near and dear to my heart. There was nothing like Star Trek fifty years ago and my fondest hope is that fifty years from now, my grandchildren will also be as intrigued with Star Trek as I have over the years.

My niece will be assimilated, resistance is futile

I truly do want the series to boldly go into the future and always be part of the present dialogue for sci-fi buffs. Continue reading “Guest Post: Star Trek Beyond, from Someone in the Beginning”