I wasn’t going to write at all today. However the more words I put down, the more sane I am feeling. There is something absolutely surreal and unbelievable about the world right now. I know I’m not alone in feeling like I am living in the first few pages of a superhero’s origin story. If the news were presented in graphic novel form, it would be in the range of Issue #1 pages 1-8, the darkest moments before the dawn where all is death, terror, and mayhem. To quote the ever witty and geekily aware Kevin Ott: The world has basically turned into a shitty Frank Miller comic.

Speaking of exceedingly twisted works, one of the darkest one-shot comics will be coming to the big screen in a little over 2 weeks. Batman: The Killing Joke will be the first R-rated original movie in the DC Universe to be released in theaters. And as I was rereading it this week to make the events fresh in my mind for the screening I found hope in a work that even its own author has described as “too nasty…too physically violent.”  Continue reading “The Killing Joke: Get Your Gordon On”