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PAX East 2016: Color Me…Lonely

Due to some unforeseen schedule mishaps, my PAX experience got downsized to Friday convention time and the Harmonix party on Saturday. I had a lot of different worlds to be in last weekend…


…But even one day at PAX is worth it y’all!

Honestly, I was thrilled to be surrounded by tens of thousands of gamers from all over the country converging to celebrate, learn about, and demo new games from tabletop to console to PC to mobile. I’m a sucker for a nerd gathering.

Especially when there’s cosplay

That said, I have never attended a convention where I felt so aware of being a POC.

And guys, I’ve been to a Supernatural (TV show) con.

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A hello, and a goodbye

What a weird day to start blogging about blerds, games, fantasy, and comics. I’ve been putting off this first post for weeks (fine, a year if you’re counting from when I got this domain) but the perfect alignment of PAX East with the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere has created a nerd culture deadline. I was going to find a way to sidestep this again, but an interpretation of what the Purple One meant for blerds gave me what I needed to go public today. Join me as I explain:

This morning I had a handwritten intro piece sitting in my notebook. It just needed to be typed up and sprinkled with pictures and links before taking this blog live. Energized, I jumped between editing passages, grabbing some of my favorite nerd pics, and finalizing tomorrow’s schedule in the PAX mobile app. It was a pretty good start for a Thursday.  Continue reading “A hello, and a goodbye”

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